Essays of Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali is an Italian Tarot historian who has made many contributions to the study of Tarot History. He’s been instrumental in bringing attention and investigation into the role of Bologna in the development of the Tarot. His book iL Tarocchino di Bologna is worth getting for the pictures alone, even if you can’t read Italian. I find the Bolognese Tarot to be one of the most beautiful, (and least known).

On his Italian website, Mr. Vitali has included some essays on the iconography of several tarot cards. We’re lucky to have English translations available from Take the time to read them, I guarantee you will learn something; but more importantly, you’re likely to be delighted and enchanted.

English Translation of the Essays:

The Fool
The Popess
The Hanged Man
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The World

Update: 9 September, 2009

The new site is available, and it is beautiful! Do visit it:

2 comments to Essays of Andrea Vitali

  • Dear Robert,
    thank you for your appreciation.
    In two mounths the new site of our association will be ready with the iconography of all triumphs.
    I will insert in it the mention of your website.
    Best regards.
    prof. andrea Vitali

  • Robert -

    What a gift to have the English translations for Andrea Vitali’s work! And that is only a part of this site. ;-)

    Way to go!


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