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Aeclectic Tarot - History and Iconography Forum

By far the best Tarot resource on the web. The Historical Research section is full of interesting ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and connections. Currently there is a series of threads contrasting and comparing the Tarot decks of Jean Dodal and Nicholas Conver which brings many other decks into the discussion.


Andy's Playing Cards

Andy's Playing Cards is one of the oldest and most respected Tarot History sites on the web. The site explores regional tarots, Mulûk playing cards, the Visconti tarot, the Tarot of Marseille and much more. This is a great site for beginners and experts alike. There is a lot to digest, but Andy makes it simple to understand "what we know" about the development of the Tarot.


Carte da Trionfi

Michael’s Tarot Notebook: Essays on a Late-Medieval Artifact. A site primarily about the allegorical meaning of the game of Tarot. Michael takes a very no-nonsense approach to the History of Tarot, and tries to simplify what many consider to be a very complex subject. His Tarot history lists offer an invaluable resource to historical studies.


Jean-Claude Flornoy - The Tarot of Marseille and the French Tradition

Jean-Claude Flornoy has recreated the 22 Majors of the Jean Noblet and Jean Dodal decks. His work is of the highest quality, the cards are hand stenciled on quality card stock. On his homepage he offers his thoughts on Tarot History, with many intriguing theories and bits of arcane knowledge. Well worth a long, leisurely visit.

Kwaw93's Tarot Journal

Kwaw93 produces one of the most thoughtful and stimulating tarot journals around. Always new ideas and curious explorations to enjoy.


Mark Filipas - The Pasteboard Masquerade

At this very intriguing site Mark Filipas suggests the theory that the Tarot may be a lexicon of the Hebrew alphabet.


Ross G Caldwell - Tarot Essays

Ross G Caldwell is one of the most popular and respected Tarot historians on the web today. He takes a very clear-headed and open-minded approach to all subjects, and has a great depth of knowledge. His essay on the Popess card will give you an indication of the type of clear-headed, reasonable approach he takes to the study.


Tom Tadfor Little - The Hermitage

The Hermitage features articles on Gertrude Moakley's The Tarot Cards Painted by Bonifacio Bembo, the Mantegna, classification of Tarot Designs, and more on the early development of tarot cards. A top site.



A site dedicated to the early history of Tarot Cards, with an emphasis on the courts of Milan and Ferrara. This site has many very talented historians working together to discover the origins of Tarot Cards. Trionfi's content is often oriented to presenting their interesting "5x14 theory" of the origin of Tarot, an intriguing and controversial theory.


Villa Revak

James W. Revak's Tarot Site with lots of informaton about Tarot History. His articles about Etteilla are extremely informative. Also be sure to check out his "Three Parallel Traditions" page where he compares the divinatory meaning of Waite, Mathers, and Etteilla.